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Welcome to the Sample Class

In our classes you will find inspirational and informative quotes from famous authors, publishers, and other professionals.

—Stay Motivated!

The class materials will feature exploratory materials produced by the instructor that discuss the topic, inform, and teach in a casual tone that invites you to read on. Peppered with humor and realistic advice, you’ll find these sections easy to read and a pleasure to revisit as you progress through the course.

Additional excerpted and highlighted materials are also offered to reinforce subjects or provide examples.

The discussions are designed to cover all relevant aspects of the topic to introduce it to new writers and reinforce it for those refreshing their skills.

Sometimes the inserted quotes will make you smile; sometimes they’ll make you (almost) weep. You’ll never be…


If a class involves multiple angles or options, they will be addressed individually to give you the most clear and concise discussion of the differences and similarities among them. We’ll be specific:


Planned and explained for the most benefit to students:

  1. Subcategories. These are defined and discussed.


Multiple reading assignments (usually three, sometimes four) are given in each course. These include thoughtfully selected items from the web, excerpts from books recommended by the instructor, and original material.


And if all that information has your brain spinning, take inspiration from the famous and infamous! And remember you’re working at your own pace, on your schedule. Take your time…

—Don’t hesitate to revisit or re-read!


Each class includes at least one assignment that allows you to take what you’ve learned out for a spin. With writing fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or anything, the ultimate teacher becomes practice. All the reading and feedback in the world only helps so much. Practicing skills brings it all home! Remember: At any time during your reading and assignment, you can contact the instructor via email to ask questions.

Write your assignment materials per the instructions provided. You may use reading materials as reference. Please do the work in a MS Word or Open Office document. When you’re ready, click the submit link below to send the file to the instructor.

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