Crash: Six-Week Intensive

Each week you can look forward to reading and study assignments, writing and other skills-based exercises, and Q&A chat sessions as needed. The topics in the outline below will be covered as introductory fundamentals that will challenge and motivate you. Our goal will be to crash you through “what every writer needs to know” in a way that will inspire, enlighten, and encourage continued learning. Work at your own pace—set your learning level to “intense” and do all six modules in six weeks or take it slower and spread them out. Writing, like completing this course, is a journey not a destination. It’s continuous learning, exploring, and expanding.  This intense, six-module learning adventure will set you on the path to your writing dreams with firm ground under your feet; the remaining journey is up to you!

You can:

  • Purchase and complete one module at a time. Begin below with Module 1. Each module is $89. This pay-as-you-go approach allows for easy budgeting and planning.
  • Access the entire course with one convenient payment. CLICK HERE to select the six-piece package for $529 … save a little pocket green and cement your commitment.

Module 1

Mechanical Fundamental: Punctuation Basics

Composition Techniques: Point of View and Voice

Purchase Module 1 Access – $89

At the end of Module 1 you will find a purchase button for Module 2.


Module 2

Mechanical Fundamental: Grammar Review

Composition Technique: Past vs. Present Tense

At the end of Module 2 you will find a purchase button for Module 3.


Module 3

Mechanical Fundamental: Dialogue Form and Punctuation

Composition Technique: Characters in Fiction

At the end of Module 3 you will find a purchase button for Module 4.


Module 4

Mechanical Fundamental: Composing with Purpose

Composition Techniques: Milieu and Setting

At the end of Module 4 you will find a purchase button for Module 5.


Module 5

Mechanical Fundamental: Construction and Planning

Composition Techniques: Incluing, plus review of Theme

At the end of Module 5 you will find a purchase button for Module 6.


Module 6

Mechanical Fundamental: Using Language

Composition Technique: Short Forms of Fiction

This is the final module in this course.


Six-Week Intensive, Full Course

This option gets you immediate access to the full course. You can still work at your own pace and complete modules according to your schedule—do it in six weeks or six months. (Because the course is a progressive, skills-building process, working toward a cumulative goal, we recommend you complete the modules in order.) If you’re ready to commit now to improving your writing skills and knowledge, use the Buy Now button below.

Access to the entire Six-Week Intensive course ($529):


Resources for the course –

Required: Elements of Style by Strunk & White

Seriously Recommended: By Cunning and Craft by Peter Selgin

Suggested: Fiction Writer’s Workshop by Josip Novakovich


This is a basic outline of topics for this intensive course with lots to cover and plenty of reading and contemplating for writers serious about stepping up their level of craft.

All prices are US$.

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