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Choose a critique service based on the length of your manuscript. All transactions are handled securely through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to purchase. Prices listed below are in US$; conversion from foreign currencies will be done through the PayPal transaction. After you have completed a transaction, proceed to the Manuscript Submission page to send us your project.

Flash Fiction Critique – $49

There are many types and lengths of FF from the bitterly concise 6-word story on up to a very short story under 2,000 words. For this critique level, your manuscript must be 1,500 words or fewer.

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 Short Story Critique – $219

A short story can be deadly serious, emotionally dark, or breathlessly funny; the challenge is saying what you want to say via believable characters in a tight space.

For this critique level, the maximum length is 10,000 words.

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Novella Critique – $579

A novella is sometimes known as a novelette; the distinctions between these designations are based on word counts and can vary among editors and publishers. For practical purposes, FC uses the heading of “novella” to cover all these mid-range length projects. Please check the word length parameters to see if your manuscript fits this level.

For this critique level, the length must be between 10,500 and 50,000 words.

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Short Novel Critique – $819

Novels come in many lengths and weights. Not everyone wants to write the next Outlander, some of us are more Diary of a Wimpy Kid or Al Capone Does My Shirts. This critique level applies to short novels that often fall in the tween, middle school, and early YA categories. Also short intense dramas and romances or comedies (think Stephanie Plum novels) can fall in this range.

For this critique level, the length must be between 51,000 and 80,000 words.

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Full-length Novel Critique – $1119

Many genre novels have word counts of 90K to 100K so this level is fairly typical of what you’d find under popular fiction—science fiction, romance, detective/mystery, family drama, Christian, and others.

For this critique level, the length is 81,000 to 100,000+ words (no more than 101,500).

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If you tend toward the epic novel, or at least something considerably heartier than a mere 100,000 words, please contact us via email with details

For this critique level, we prefer to review a sample of your work. Please inquire for costs and recommendations via In the subject line state Epic Critique. In the email body include the full word count, a description of the novel, and a little about your writing and publishing experience. Attach a .doc or .docx file containing several chapters of the manuscript.

If you have already purchased a critique service, please go to Manuscript Submission to send us your story or novel. You will need a valid PayPal Transaction ID to submit your manuscript. The Transaction ID can be found in the confirmation email from Fiction Clinic/Word Edge, the transaction receipt email from PayPal, and/or in your PayPal account transactions list.



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