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Fiction Clinic critiques fiction and creative nonfiction.

A professional critique (or manuscript assessment) is the best way to learn if your writing is ready for the big time.

As a novice writer, I knew I needed a great deal of help and Word Edge/Fiction Clinic didn't disappoint. I received an extensive critique of my novel with detailed recommendations for improvement and clear direction of how to proceed. Dawn Johnson was courteous and respectful, a pleasure to work with.
M.A. Drucker

The assessment results are invaluable and can provide:

  • An unbiased review of writing skill, including mechanics (spelling, grammar, and punctuation).
  • Detailed assessment of story and characters to honestly evaluate them and provide extensive notes for revisions and improvements.
  • Writing skills evaluation with helps, suggestions, and resources for expanding or practicing skills.
  • Insightful suggestions to locate weak spots or shortcomings an author just can’t see in otherwise outstanding stories or novels.

I never found out the moon didn’t come up in the west until I was a writer and Herschel Brickell, the literary critic, told me after I misplaced it in a story. He said valuable words to me about my new profession: “Always be sure you get your moon in the right part of the sky.”

—Eudora Welty

 Manuscript on typewriter

Critique cost is based on manuscript style and length* (word count).

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After you complete critique service purchase, click here to go to the Manuscript Submission page to send FC your manuscript in digital format. You will need to include the PayPal Transaction ID in the email.


WordCountTools* Need to verify manuscript word count? Paste your manuscript text into the box of this handy web-based tool. The returned count value is similar to MSWord’s.

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